reflections of a portrait painter

by Alice Walter

with the occasional offshoot;

specific to

and undetermined by anything else.

Of subjects and regiments
/ identity is excess

not much happening,

claustrophobic accents to space and taste.
And that of the overly
whilst staying ​


The animal comes motif;
the landscape a
Reigned in
- tight -
inside of
and around ​


and then, unkempt.

Too similar, too different – that riled shade of brown
makes that other shade of brown
lose its


...Or rather,
it highlights it as the idea of a colour
rather than a
shade seen.


these two realities

can go on
the same time,
two different places
in thinking,
Side By side.

Alice Walter graduated in Fine Art Painting from Brighton University in 2014, during which she was awarded the Bridge Bursary Award twice and spent a summer as artist-in-residence at Glyndebourne Opera House. Exhibitions since have included group shows across the British Isles, having taken part in a number of pop-up exhibitions in London and St Leonards-on-Sea, and featuring in national and private galleries in shows such as Towards Night, Towner Gallery, the Oriel Davies Open 2018 in Wales and the Rye Winter Salon where her work was shortlisted for the final award. Alice pursues a language of abstraction which seeks to intuitively evolve beyond the binary nature of definition and category. It occupies a felt, emotional realm that, whilst mostly realised through painting, extends into sculpture, site-specific installation and writing.