Becoming assumes a process of developing into, a state of change. Living is a learning process, a sequence of exchanges, active and reactive, purposeful and accidental. It's difficult to forecast exactly what the world is becoming today. We are situated in a complex interconnected web and aren’t treading a fixed straight line. Like atoms in water, we're in motion, sliding around our environment and each other. Coming and going, we stay and we go on and come back again. As we attempt to navigate our way through this busy world, using what we've learnt to try and figure out which way to go. 


Following this idea that we are always learning, we selected becoming as the theme of this issue because we wanted focus on possibilities, big or small. How current conditions are being navigated? What choices have been made, the outcomes and contemplations of.​

In this issue we showcase different creative practices, including an essay that explores what we can learn from these  creative processes in relation to climate change. From individual and collective endeavours of learning to community building, here is an assortment of pieces  that present ideas and reflections that unravel thoughts.


A big thank you to all who helped deliver this tasty new issue!