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Growing Nasturtiums

Some things in life are easy, like growing Nasturtiums. This is my first year growing them from seed and they have been angels. Unlike some of the other flowers I’ve tried to grow which have been delicate and needy - Nasturtiums enjoy life without complaints. I started growing them inside in March and 3 weeks later I had repotted them and moved them outside. But from April you can sow them directly outside, planting them in pots, borders or hanging baskets, in direct sun with moderate watering. This is a hardy plant with delightfully bold flowers to embellish your garden. But not to be forgotten are all its wonderful uses as it is a source of nectar and pollen for bees, as a pest- repellent companion plant and has edible leaves and flowers (high in Vitamin C) to use in salads and make pesto. 


It’s a joy - highly recommend!!

Pasta: Gigli

I think it's finally happened.. I've discovered what I'd like to establish as the best pasta shape to ever be invented. The tube shape carries the sauce within almost like a cup, the curly frills add the exact sort fo bouncy texture you want from pasta. I added chickpeas, spinach and chorizo in the sauce and this shape managed to cup some chickpeas inside resulting in the smallest of bite being so wholesome. The spinach intwined itself intrusively within the twist of the bell shape and hung off the open ends. It compliments both thick and thin sauce styles because it's got this fluffy sort of form. A fluffy form that also complimented rocket leaves just perfectly. It take ten minutes to cook. Everything I want from pasta is provided by Gigli. I'm so happy with it.. What do you want from pasta? Think you got a shape better than this? I wanna know why. Let's talk. 

- Noore

The Thick of It

UK comedy series, 2005