[grow to be; develop into.]

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We exist in motion, everyday interacting with our environment, with the
past and present in a process of transformation. In our thoughts and
through our actions we can transcend our current conditions and
contribute to a new and alternative future.


What are you becoming? Or trying to become?

What are we as a collective becoming?

Have we changed at all?

(What processes are at play? What were the defining moments? What ideas are you embodying?)

…explore this theme in a form that comes natural to you, prose, essays, videos, journal entry, podcasts, collages, photos, sound/visual art, poetry, a mix, illustrations… (this isn’t an exhaustible list)

Word limit: 1,500

Please send your submission to If you are unsure, we are happy to look at your proposal.

Some submissions will appear first online and then as a printed issue.

Closing date: 4th of May

Works do not have to be previously unpublished, but please let us know so that we can give full acknowledgement.